Cellulose Casing 23mm

Weight 20 gram.

Price : 40 ฿

More information

Directions: Made from natural cellulose. For sausages which need to peel before serve e.g. cocktail, vienna, frankfurther and hot dog. 

Instruction: If air is found inside, punch with pin all over to release air while stuffing the mixture into casing. Tight filling is OK. Keep in zip lock bag and continue to use. 

Ingredients:  Cellulose 69% Water 20% Food Additive (INS 422) 11%

Length: 8.2cm (Full length is 6.5 meters when pull out. Can make 2-2.5 kg sausage).

Storage: Keep in a cool & dry place.

Caution: Remove Cellulose casing before serve

Best Before date : 26/06/2020

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