Collagen casing 32mm

Weight 28 gram.

Price : 70 ฿

More information

Directions : Natural casing from collagen in animal's skin. For various kind of sausages e.g. Breakfast sausage, Vienna, Frankfurter, Chinese sausage, Northern Thai sausage and Northeastern Thai Sausage.

Warning: Punch with pin all over to release air while stuffing the mixture into casing. Do not stuff in too tight. (Collagen casing can be eaten, no peeling required).

Ingredients : Collagen 53% Water 20% Food additives  (INS 422 INS 460(ii)) 24% Vegetable Oil 3%

Length : 8.6 cm. (Full length is 5 meters when pull out. Can make 2-2.5kg sausage)

Storage : If casing is not used up in a single time, keep in zip lock bag. Store in refrigerator and continue to use.

Best Before Date : 28/06/2020

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